Our team of industry veterans has been working together since 2011 to partner with clients and add long-term value. With over 100 years of combined experience, our partners have held senior positions in some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Our common vision: Getting back to basics, back to the core values of our industry, and back to serving our client’s interests.

With that in mind, we created The Lucidity Fund.


A sobering fact is that over 98% of professional money managers fail to beat the market.
Our approach to managing traditional assets is simple: Stop trying to beat it and, instead, focus on protecting the client.  Our method is one of global diversification, static management with ultra-low fees and full cost transparency.

Asset Management


Open Windows

Open Windows is our alternative asset strategy, which aims to achieve un-correlated results through adherence to principles of transparency and liquidity.

Our strategy is based on a third-party approach, whereby the positions that we trade on our client’s behalf reside with the financial institution of their choice.

Therefore, their statements will not be generated by us, allowing unfettered access and transparency.

Our professionals have achieved extraordinary financial results for our clients.


Our team structures and executes a variety of transactions, such as debt offerings, equity offerings, joint ventures, spin-offs, restructurings, divestitures, and derivative transactions.

We have experience working with public and private companies, investment funds, broker dealers, and governments.

Investment Banking


Venture Capital / Private Equity

We are focused on helping small and medium-size companies achieve their goals. Our team facilitates equity and debt financing through our large network of investors and investment banks across multiple industries, including consumer/retail, technology, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, and real estate.

We take an activist approach to help your company get to the next level and provide the highest return for your investors.


Many clients enjoy being part of the journey of film production. Not only is there money to be made, but there are bragging rights to be had.

The producers that we work with have won multiple Oscars with box office revenues exceeding $2 billion.

We are very selective in our projects and our wish is for clients to go on multiple adventures with us.

Film Fund


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